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About Us: Emmanuel and Rebecca Blaevoet

Tactile Vision Graphics

Emmanuel and Rebecca Blaevoet are directors of Valleys WordWorks in Britain and Tactile Vision Graphics in Canada. We founded both companies because of a commitment to high-quality access to information for people with a vision impairment.

Emmanuel is the visionary and graphics designer, while Rebecca is QC for the Braille, and admin.

Tactile Vision Graphics is the only Canadian company producing our particular kind of tactile graphics, which are durable, crisp, beautiful representations of print images.

We purchased these remarkable production facilities in the autumn of 2013 and now
provide the following services:

Photo of Rebecca and guide dog Karrie

Rebecca is vision impaired. Along with lobbying for quality Braille material, she brings her expertise to the business. In her spare time, she serves on the Braille Literacy Canada board.

Our Mission statement

Accurate, effective access to information should be available to all. We produce Braille and tactile graphics which are easy-to-follow, thoughtfully formatted, with Braille readers in mind.

Read about our personal, friendly service tailored to meet your needs; Braille transcription and tactile-graphics-production services – and visit our online products catalogue.

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